Though there is great demand for higher education and government is keen to promote it, there has been deep concern that college education is bookish; it imparts no street-relevant skills and is useless in real life.

S.P. University has decided to take lead in solving this problem, and in creating education which is a useful blend of theory and real-life skills. For this, University has taken benefit of the flexibility offered by the Bachelor of Vocational Studies degree, and created a course of study for the discipline of Mass Communication and Journalism.

So far, the approach of all institutions has been that they focus only on theory or on skill-building. SP University has found a unique way of building skills along with providing the theoretical foundations behind the skills, so the students will know not just how well to do the task, but why the task is important in the first place as well as its relevance and limitations.

Further, the course design is adapted from and aligned with the National Skills Qualification Framework. Hence it tells the student what skills the student gains or is expected to be proficient with at the end of every stage as defined in the NSQF, so the students are “employment-ready” at EVERY APPROPRIATE STAGE as defined in the framework. So the potential employers know what to expect of the candidates. Also, in case the student wants to leave at any stage due to personal issues, s/he is free to do so as per the framework, and come back when the situation permits.

This describes the course in the framework defined by the relevant agencies so as to be useful to students in real life, not just to get a degree.

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